FAST exists to support methods of training and creation as a daily practice for professional performing artists. This is not a workshop, but rather an experiment in sharing artistic practices in order to support and develop our community and our art.




Our Practice 


Each open session is designed to facilitate tension release, play, and collaborative creation.


The simplest explanation?

Lie on the floor, use what you got, and try to play well with others


  • Exercises based on the Alexander Technique and other ways to make your body happy

  • Give yourself a break, let yourself breath, get those limbs and lungs moving


  • Games and activities based in various training practices, anything that encourages awareness, specificity and range of possibility  

  • Have something you want to explore? This is the place!


  • Pick a text, any text. What can we do with it before time runs out?

  • What better way to prepare yourself for your next project or to keep yourself active between contracts than to engage in the act of creation, ideas of failure, collaboration, and storytelling.


FAST also practices the Suzuki Method of Actor Training! We invite those with experience to join us at Citadel + Compagnie (304 Parliament Street). 


Check out our calendar for the next session

FAST is the brainchild of Jessie Fraser, with the help of many friends

Jessie Fraser

Photo by John Gundy

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